The Safano Dementia: Broken Chain by Selina Elliot


The Safano Dementia: Broken Chain

It was his job to anticipate the moves of others and to stay several steps ahead. They had lost Brouillette shortly after leaving Europe. That came as no surprise. But after months of false leads, Brouillette’s trail has suddenly come up hot. It set off every internal warning Damien Devaux had. A man of Brouillette’s intelligence and resources didn’t make mistakes. Discovering that he had surfaced in Canada was validation of his instincts that something was terribly wrong.

Damien would follow Rebecca to the depths of Hell. Brouillette knew this and was taking advantage of that. It was now a game of cat and mouse. Damien knew Brouillette’s weaknesses, his vices, and the blind ambition that drove him into a position of power. So long as Brouillette was the one in control, Damien would find a way to save the woman he loved.

But a shift in power was coming that would leave everyone reeling from the effects. It would become a struggle against time to save Rebecca. Time Rebecca didn’t have.


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Selina Elliot Author


My novels are fiction, I am not!
Once upon a time I was an Executive Assistant with a solid career, a decent income, and my own home. Yet I was not happy because I was not following my heart. And so I quit that job as well as that career path, I took on a data entry level position at a company that I knew held no future for me, and I did it without regret.

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